About BeerDistro.com

I started BeerDistro.com in the fall of 2018, the direct result of my love of research, internet marketing and digital strategy; and the everlasting grip that the beer business continues to have on my soul.

My primary objective is to offer assistance and guidance to distributors, suppliers, retailers and any other curious bystander in various aspects of the beer industry (also to a lesser extent wine, spirits and cannabis) with an emphasis on digital strategy including a major focus on web development, domain names, metrics, analytics, engagement, trademarks, information security, intellectual property, measurable content and continual search engine optimization.

Changes are happening fast in the beer industry. Right now there is an all-out assault on the three-tier system; franchise agreements are being dismantled at the state level; consolidation of the middle-tier at a whirlwind pace; issues concerning security intelligence and industrial espionage; and the huge opportunity the cannabis industry could create for beer, wine and spirits wholesalers.

The future will bring hundreds of hyper-local, single van, craft only distributors operating without distribution agreements; tiny taproom focused nanobreweries making very small batches each week with only a couple of taps pouring in their own premises; companies like Amazon increasingly disrupting the beer distribution model delighting in attacking the three-tier system; and of course the elephant in the room, how can beer, wine and spirits wholesalers capitalize on cannabis. Someone has to securely warehouse it, someone has got to deliver it and someone has to collect the taxes on it. Who better than beer, wine and spirits wholesalers.

About Me

I’m a 3rd generation beer wholesaler who started full-time in the family business in 1991. I left the beer business in 2007 after quite the ordeal, but I’ll save that for future posts. I went back to college and in 2012 completed my MBA, making the most of relating my work in the classroom to the issues I faced and the many mistakes I made while in the beer business. Today, I manage about fifty websites and spend the bulk of my time researching and investing in valuable domain names.

My goal is to become an integral part of your morning routine, providing fresh, engaging content that aids in the decision making process for beer industry professionals. Beer Distro is beercentric research with a focus on digital strategy delivered at 5 a.m. Eastern, every morning of every day throughout the year.

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Andy Hawkins