A Look at the Carlsberg Beer Domain Name Portfolio; Daily Beer Distro for November 11, 2018

Carlsberg’s establishment dates back to 1847, when J.C. Jacobsen began brewing beer in the village of Valby on the outskirts of Copenhagen, Denmark. He named the brewery after his son Carl.

It seems father and son didn’t always see eye to eye, so in 1882 Carl opened a brewery of his own. J.C.’s brewery became known as Old Carlsberg and Carl’s brewery became New Carlsberg.

When J.C. passed in 1887, he left shares in Old Carlsberg to the Carlsberg Foundation, which funded the Carlsberg Laboratory. Carlsberg Laboratory is responsible for being the first to isolate pure lager yeast and for introducing the concept of pH.

In 1906, the Old Carlsberg Brewery and New Carlsberg Brewery merged into the Carlsberg Group with Carl Jacobsen as CEO and the Carlsberg Foundation as the majority owner.

Today, Carlsberg is still owned by the foundation that bears it’s name and is one of the largest brewers in the world. The company employs over 40,000 people and brews over 500 brands including Carlsberg, Tuborg, Kronenbourg, Baltika and Grimbergen.

Carlsberg Domain Name Portfolio

From what I can find, the Carlsberg Group owns a portfolio of over 900 domain names. The bulk of the domains are defensive registrations of their various brands in different extensions, including both ccTLDs and new gTLDs.

Most valuable domains include major brands Carlsberg.com, Tuborg.com, Holsten.com, Baltika.com, Wiibroe.com, Kronenbourg.com, Somersby.com and many others. CarlsbergElephant.com is a domain name derived from the company’s most famous landmark, the Elephant Gate, and a beer.

Carlsberg also owns Moussy.com. Moussy is a non-alcoholic malt beverage made in Switzerland. Moussy Fashion, is a very popular Japanese fashion brand operating on the domain Moussy-Global.com.

Some of the more interesting Carlsberg Group owned domains that aren’t beer brands include DraughtMasters.com, OpenForFun.com, ProbablyTheBest.com, ThirstForGreat.com, TapTheBrew.com, and RedHops.com. The company also owns HouseOfBeer.com, a terrific domain name that does not resolve.

Back in 2014 Carlsberg jumped on the new gTLD registration bandwagon. The company registered around 300 of the new domains including .swiss, .pub, .bar, .sex, .porn, .cam, .football, .scot and more. Of the total, nearly 200 were .beer domains.

I’d say 75% of Carlsberg’s domain registrations can be dropped. Especially the 300 or so new gTLDs. If this were my domain portfolio, I would let about 700 of these domain names expire. They serve no purpose whatsoever, other than recurring bills.

I know it’s not much for a large corporation to absorb, but a little portfolio management could save Carlsberg over €15,000 a year. They’ve already held these domain names for three years. But what if they hold them another 10 years?

Expiring Beer, Wine and Spirits Industry Domain Names for Sunday November 11, 2018

For the next part of my daily post, I feature a curated list of today’s expiring domain names. I research the aftermarkets and go through the drop lists to find the best available domain names for beer, wine and spirits companies.

The domain names below are perfect branding opportunities for breweries, wineries, distillers, distributors, retailers, vendors, etc., even cannabis companies. You never know, your company’s exact match domain name may be on the list. You can acquire premium domains, often at a huge discount, in the aftermarket and on the drop.

The domains below are expiring today, if you have any questions about a domain name feel free to contact Andy here. I can help you acquire it. Let me know early – the auctions start at 11AM EST and the drop begins at 2PM EST.

Beer Distro Domain of the Day: BeerCollection.com – I think it’s an even better domain than BeerCollections.com from yesterday. Singular domain names are used for branding, plural names require build out and are difficult to monetize.

WisdomIC.com – Is wisdomic a word? Maybe not. But, it looks like it could’ve been used for Wisdom Import Company (it wasn’t). Back in the early 1990s, Wisdom, a FEMSA subsidiary, was based in L.A. and selling over 6 million cases a year.

HotelBoulevard.com – This is what happens when breweries start getting into the hotel business.

LiquidFix.com – It’s 5 o’clock somewhere.

RackUnits.com – Nice domain for a vendor selling different kinds of racking for truck bays. Singular RackUnit.com could be a brand; plural RackUnits.com for a site selling all rack units.

AlbuquerqueBeer.com – Great for folks selling beer in Albuquerque, and only Albuquerque. Because no one else knows how to spell Albuquerque.

SeattleTrucking.com – Another nice geo domain. Easy to find with a Google search and your customers know exactly what you do.

OldAndRare.com – This is how we like our Scotch. Nice name for branding purposes.

BerrySolutions.com – Aren’t grapes berries? Nice management or consulting name.

WineShack.com – I like this domain for a package store.

WhiskyWay.com – This one too.

UnitedTogether.com – Nice marketing name for an advertising campaign.

Wageman.com – It’s a last name, but I like it as a payroll service name.

BloodSky.com – Pretty nice brandable domain, if you can overcome the negative connotations. Could be used for a niche red liqueur brand?

FlamingoLounge.com – Carpet joint name. Great domain for a retro dive bar.

GreenCoalition.com – Cannabis name all the way.

SmartWipes.com – Because disposable cloths have become essential to our existence, we need a smarter one. What can we do to better improve the wet wipe? We can make them smarter. Biodegradable and organic wet wipes. Multi-use wet wipes. Robotic wet wipes. Wet wipes that change colors when used. Wet wipes that talk. Edible wet wipes.

And, that does it for Sunday. I hope you enjoyed taking a look at the Carlsberg portfolio and today’s expiring domain names. Feel free to contact Andy if you see a domain you like. I get a cut if I see anyone that releases a wipe that changes color after it’s used! You heard it here first.

See you tomorrow,

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