Best Beer Distributor Domain Names; Beer Distro for October 29, 2018

Today I’m ranking the best beer distributor domain names. So first of all, the domain name sold for $7,000,000 back in 2004. That’s a staggering amount of money for any domain name. I would love to have had the foresight to have grabbed that domain for my beer distributorship back in 1993 when it was originally hand registered, but I didn’t have the slightest clue what the internet was back then.

Anyway, none of us had the foresight to register or the desire to acquire However, quite a few beer wholesalers have some damn fine domain names in their own right, including one million dollar domain name. The key factors influencing my ranking of the best beer distributor domain names include:

  • Top Level Domain – Dotcom and only dotcom, nothing else will suffice.
  • Length – The shorter the better. Two-words or 12-15 characters tops.
  • Meaning – Is it a person, place or thing? Noun or verb? More generic = more valuable.
  • Brandability – It’s all about building your brand online. Is it descriptive, can it be a standalone brand? Can you brand this domain name?
  • Memorability – Is your domain memorable? Do your customers remember it when they see it or hear it

Make sure you use .com and get a short, memorable domain name with meaning that you can build a brand around. Boom, that’s it. The winners this time around get a high five when I see them, maybe next year I’ll send out trophies. And, now without any further ado, our very first ranking of the best beer distributor domain names.

The Best of the Best Beer Distributor Domain Names

1. – Million dollar domain name. Far and away best beer wholesaler owned domain name. This is how you brand your company online. Nobody forgets this name and they can find you easily online. The registrant is Brown Distributing Company of Virginia and Florida. first sold in February 2006 for $300,000. It looks like Brown Distributing acquired it in the Summer of 2010 for an undisclosed amount. Love to know the details of this fantastic acquisition!

2. – Perfect domain name for Silver Eagle Distributors. Easily brandable and completely memorable. This domain has been under privacy since 2010, when Silver Eagle started using it. Silver Eagle could have acquired the domain back in 2010 or they are leasing it from the owner. has great value because it’s also the official silver bullion coin of the US. Easily a $100,000 name domain here.

3. – Owned by Wayne Densch, Inc. and used for email. All three letter dotcoms have been registered since the early 2000s. There are only 17,576 possible combinations making’s very rare and valuable. Quite a few businesses also use the WDI initials in their company name. This domain is worth $75,000 plus.

4. – Beloit Beverage is still listed as the owner of the domain, though the company sold in 2007. Registered in 1997, it’s over 20 years old making it an antique as far as domains are concerned. Call to action domains are great for ad campaigns. Value is $10,000 to $20,000 maybe more to an end user.

5. – Grey Eagle Distributors of St. Louis is the registrant of this valuable domain name. Color plus animal domain names are unique, making them worth a lot of money. The only knock is the grey/gray confusion in a radio test. Other than that, it’s the exact match domain name that they use for their business, making it perfect for this company. This domain could easily fetch $10,000, but I’m sure it’s worth a lot more to Grey Eagle Distributors.

The Best of the Rest

6.,,,, – Surname domain names in dotcom are priceless in my opinion. If you can get your last name .com, you better get it! If not for you, get it for your kids or their kids – they aren’t making any more of these things! That said, some are much more valuable than others depending on how common the name. Singular is more valuable than the plural version. How do you value something as unique to you as your last name? If you can get it for less than a couple thousand dollars, I say do it. If your company is named “Surname Distributing Company” or “Surname Beverage Company” I say do what you can to get All your customers associate and call your company by your last name anyway, why not make it your brand online. Some example surname domain name sales include for $19,500 in 2009, for $18,900 in 2004, for $5,199 in 2009, for $12,000 in 2011, and sold for $44,261 in 2007.

7. – Owned by Wine Warehouse of California. Looks like it was purchased from Buy Domains in 2006-2007. This is a terrific domain name! Easily worth $5,000 to $10,000, even more to the right end user. sold for $2,500 in 2013.

8. – I love short, memorable two word brandables! Owned by Shore Point Distributing Company of New Jersey. has been registered since 1997 and I think these guys are the original owners, I know they’ve had it since at least 2000. A name like this will fetch $5,000 to $10,000 in a domain name auction.

9. – There are many companies named Major Brands here in the USA, giving this domain value. First registered in 1997, it’s owned by Major Brands of St. Louis, most likely since then because they’ve had a web presence on the domain going back to 2003. Depending on the end user, it’s worth $5,000 to $10,000.

10. – I’m guessing that the domain name transferred to Frank Beverage after Beer Capitol Distributing was purchased in 2016. This domain is a great name, though Beer Capital would be better. The radio test hurts the name, but I still like it. I would like it even more if I had, too. Value around $5,000.

11. – This domain name is registered to Merrimack Valley Distributing Company. They purchased the domain in late 2012 or early 2013, probably at a NameJet auction because the name’s been registered continuously at NetSol since 1998. There are 456,976 four letter .com domain names total and all have been registered since 2008. This domain is worth between $1,000 and $2,000 to the right end user.

12.,,, – Two-word geographic domain names have value, but the shorter the better is the rule of thumb. The most valuable are the exact match keyword geographic domain names. Domain names like these will sell for $1,000 to $2,000.

13.,,, – Your name in lights! Or rather your domain name in lights! There are many beer distributors named for their founding fathers. I say register your kid’s name before they’re born, you never know if you’re going to raise a beer distributor later in life. Full names have value as domain names, just ask Joe Johnson – he paid $21,000 for his namesake dotcom in 2016. Value depends on how common the name is, the more common the higher the price.

Expiring Beer, Wine, Spirits Industry Domain Names for October 29, 2018

In the second part of my daily post, I feature a curated list of today’s expiring domain names. I research the domain name aftermarkets and drop lists everyday to find the best available domain names for beer, wine and spirits companies.

These domain names are perfect branding opportunities for breweries, wineries, distillers, distributors, retailers, vendors, etc., even cannabis companies. You never know, your company’s exact match domain name may be on the list and you can acquire it cheaply in the aftermarket.

Click on the links below to see the current price: I am not including hyperlinks the first week while I’m still getting my processes down. The domains below are expiring today, if you have any questions about a domain please email me – – I can help you acquire it.

Beer Distro Domain of the Day: – The Reyes family distributes more beer than any other family in the US. – Big domain name here. One-worder with local written all over it. – Probably a decent defensive purchase for Modelo or Constellation. – These guys are very happy mead makers. It’s short and tells us exactly what you do, therefore it’s great for branding. – Domain names that start with THE are okay, but just okay. You’d rather have, of course. But, this one still works if it’s the exact match name of your business. – I like this as a complimentary project for a group of small distillers in the same county or region. It takes a build out to have any use, but this domain is great for advertising your tours. These tours are huge awareness and money makers for small breweries, wineries and distilleries. – Cool name for a craft distributor or craft bar. – Smoke shop retailer here. Cannabis brand or shop, also. – I see Trippy when I look at it. A fun little brandable and has value. – Contest domain name. Very memorable. Definitely needs a build out to have any value, but it definitely could be a brand. – Wines from the Adriatic. They make wine there, don’t they? – It’s a word. I like this domain name for a trucking, distribution or warehousing firm. You know it, you’ve probably heard it before. “I picked it up at the Interphase DC.” – Here’s another decent name for a craft beer distributor. – It’s all about the ecosystem, right? – I shop here. I think there’s a Wine and More in every state. Everyone knows what you sell with a name like this. – Great name for a coffee company. – Just a short, catchy domain to use as an advertising slogan. – IPA name or I am I thinking of Purple Haze? Still a good memorable name. Could be canna related, too. – Coffee shop or whiskey bar. I like names like this, everybody remembers them. – The newest Miller High Life tagline. – The good stuff comes in barrels doesn’t it? Memorable name for a beer. – Can you say cannabis infused? Beer, malt, juice, soda, you name it, they’re going to be sticking cannabis in it.

Another day in the books. I hope you enjoyed the domains. Please feel free to click on any of the names for prices or email if you need help acquiring a domain name.

See you tomorrow,

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