Pabst Easy and Beer Company Domain Name Strategy; Beer Distro for Saturday October 27, 2018

Pabst EasyI’ve been watching and waiting for Pabst Easy in my region. It looks like the brand is just now rolling out in the Northeast.

I’ve seen a few images on Instagram this month and some pictures of 12 pack displays built yesterday around NYC. I’m crossing my fingers that it’s coming my way soon.

I like to see this kind of product name. Instead of using light, extra light, ultra or edge, Pabst took the original route. Pabst Easy is a great name, it’s short, catchy and memorable. It’s easy to say and it’s easy to spell. I bet it’s easy to get distribution with Pabst Easy. I bet it’s easy to do anything with Pabst Easy.

The Pabst Easy Brand

Pabst Easy is a line extension of Pabst Blue Ribbon. PBR has it’s own image and branding, just like many other mainstream beer brands and the respective line extensions like Budweiser and Bud Light, Coors and Coors Light, Heineken and Heineken Light, Michelob and Michelob Ultra.

Think of all the millions spent on these brands, billions actually. If I’m looking for Bud Light, I know I can get on the internet, type Bud Light in Google and go straight to the Bud Light website. It’s Everyone knows this.

And, the marketing gurus at AB, Coors and Heineken made sure to get the exact match domains for each of the above mentioned brands. I think you should have the domain name before you even contemplate the liquid or the packaging. The domain should come first.

If you are wondering, this is where I’m going. Pabst promotes Pabst Easy with it’s own branding message, building the brand from the ground up. This is very expensive. They’ve earmarked and/or spent hundreds of thousands of dollars (we are talking Pabst here), if not millions (you know I could be wrong about the thousands), creating, and then later, marketing the brand.

Okay, now imagine that you are the owner of Pabst Brewing Company and you’ve invested all this time and research, not to mention a lot of money, on Pabst Easy. You’ve started generating excitement for the brand. And now it’s shipped into the warehouses, reps are selling it into the sets and salesmen are getting display space and distribution at retail.

You’ve built this brand from the ground up; blood, sweat and tears. Covered all your bases, right? Wrong. You haven’t registered the domain name! Your domain name is the first thing out the gate that you should’ve taken care of. It’s still there, though – go get it Pabst!

Pabst Easy Domain Name

If you are not Pabst Brewing Company and you are reading this post, do not register this domain name. You will not only lose the domain, you will get sued for all your worldly possessions. If Pabst wants to make an example of you. If Pabst Easy is trademarked. And, that’s another story all together.

You Control Your Message With a Domain Name

It costs $10 to register a domain name. Hosting is another $5 a month and a WordPress theme is free. That’s $70 a year and you can say and do whatever you want with your brand. You own it. It’s your intellectual property, you get to do what you want with it. No one has any say over it, but you, because it belongs to you.

Not with social media. Facebook can shut you down anytime. The same with Twitter. Once posted, your images and posts are now their images and posts. You send a customer away from your brand when you send them to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I say use social media to complement your brand, to bring them to your website from social media. To do this you need a domain name.

This goes for all breweries, wineries, distilleries, distributors, retailers, vendors, everybody. Before you fire up the kettle, crush the grapes or roll beer, get your domain name and build a website. When you develop a new beer, get the domain name and build a website. Whether it’s an original product or a line extension, get a domain name and build a website. And please, whatever you do, make sure it’s a .com. You’ll thank me later.

Beer, Wine, Spirits Industry Domain Name Picks

In the second part of my daily post, I feature a curated list of today’s expiring domain names. I research the domain name aftermarkets and drop lists everyday to find the best domain names for beer, wine and spirits companies. These domain names are perfect branding opportunities for breweries, wineries, distillers, distributors, retailers, vendors, etc., even cannabis companies. You never know, your company’s exact match domain name may be on the list and you can acquire it cheap in the aftermarket.

Click on the links below to see the current price: (I am not including hyperlinks the first week because I’m still getting my process down. The domains below are expiring at GoDaddy and NameJet today, if you have any questions about a domain please email me – – and I can help you acquire it.) – What a great domain name! This is the Inca Cross, a symbol of the old culture of the Andes and a holy designation of the Incas. The Chakana Winery from Argentina uses the domain, the ccTLD of Argentina. – I like this domain as a digital advertising teaser campaign for tea. Tea is sold by beer wholesalers so you will see it here, too. – I can see this domain used by a routing software company. – I saw Anheuser Busch Texas the instant I saw this domain name. – I love state or regional names for beverage companies. That being said, the singular version is much better in my opinion. Mainly because the “s” has the tendency to be dropped when writing an email. – Perfect name for a restaurant/taproom. I love these names, short and catchy. I’m thinking along the lines of Pizza Port, another fantastic name. – This has cannabis infused beverage written all over. – It’s generic, but it tells the customer exactly what you do. – These domains are perfect call to action names for state brewer guilds and associations. – Lustin is a small town in Belgium. If you ever go to Lustin, please visit the Musée de la Bière Belge, or the Belgian Beer Museum. Tell them Andy sent you. They will think you are nuts. – Like the lower house of a bicameral legislature. This would be a very cool name for a taproom in a basement in a capital city. – Ol’ Days Lager is down in the bottom of the well by the hinge, right beside Good Ol’ Boys Premium Beer. – Barwon is a seaside village in Victoria, Australia. It’s also the name of the river that flows through the town. I love geographic domain names for brands, breweries and companies. Barwon also looks like a winning bar, as in our bar won. – Excellent brand name for winery or brewery here. Short and very easy to remember. – Draft line cleaner name. – This one is for anybody who whats a memorable email. You’re a distributor? The breweries won’t forget you at the Craft Beer Conferences. Can I get your email? Duke at

If you have any questions about domain names for your business, please contact me. Let me help you find the best domain –

See you tomorrow,

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