The Beer Distributor and the Old Mechanic; Daily Beer Distro for Friday November 9, 2018

Back in the 1970s there was an old beer distributor who serviced a couple counties in Arkansas with Stag and Pearl Beer. He ran his beer routes in an antique one bay route truck and was always having trouble keeping it running.

One fateful June morning, despite several attempts, he was unable to crank the old truck. He was almost in tears thinking of the prospect of not being able to service his customers before the weekend.

For most of the morning, the old distributor went back forth over that old White Motor Company tractor and couldn’t start the engine for anything. He couldn’t even get the thing to turn over.

The distributor called several mechanics around town, but no one would work on it with such short notice. The mechanics kept telling him to call Old Joe to come take a look at it, but the distributor knew he couldn’t do that.

You see, Old Joe had been a mechanic in town for 50 years. He’d worked on that old White truck a hundred times over the last twenty years and each time the distributor would give him hell about the bill. The two men had fallen out over the last bill and hadn’t spoken in over a year.

Around lunchtime the beer distributor finally caved, he knew he was going to have to call Old Joe and make amends and try to get him to come out to the warehouse.

After several attempts, he finally got Old Joe on the phone. It took some serious butt kissing and promising to pay the bill immediately, but the distributor finally convinced Old Joe to come take a look.

Old Joe went right to work when he got to the warehouse. First, he looked the engine over and asked for a hammer. Then, he jumped up on the front bumper, stooped over the manifold of the engine and popped it three good times with a hammer. And, low and behold, VROOM, VROOM, VROOM! That old White cranked right up.

The beer distributor hollered with delight! In no time at all, Old Joe went to scribbling on a note and handed it to the beer distributor. The note said $1,000. The distributor’s joy turned to complete shock!

He screamed, “This was a damn $1 job! You just hit the engine with a hammer! What’d you do to deserve the $1,000 you’re asking for?!”

Old Joe said, “Oh, you’re right! You need an itemized invoice. Let me fill that out for you.” Old Joe scribbled a few more lines and then handed the note back.

It read:

Old Joe’s Auto Service
Due now: $1,000
Hit engine with hammer: $1
Knowing where to hit engine: $999

Moral of the story? Understanding the difference between the value of the task completed versus the value of a lifetime of knowledge behind it.

Expiring Beer, Wine and Spirits Industry Domain Names for Friday November 9, 2018

For the second part of my daily post, I feature a curated list of today’s expiring domain names. I research each of the domain name aftermarkets and go through the drop lists to find the best available domain names for beer, wine and spirits companies.

These domain names are perfect branding opportunities for breweries, wineries, distillers, distributors, retailers, vendors, etc., even cannabis companies. You never know, your company’s exact match domain name may be on the list. You can acquire premium domains, often at a huge discount, in the aftermarket.

The domains below are expiring today, if you have any questions about a domain name feel free to contact Andy here. I can help you acquire it. Let me know early – the auctions start at 11AM EST and the drop begins at 2PM EST.

Beer Distro Domain of the Day: – The Modelo/Constellation JV was Crown Imports, plural. They used for their domain. Constellation assumed full ownership of Crown Imports in 2013 and the importer was rolled into CBrands. I like the singular version ( best. Great name for a company. – Cool descriptive, brandable domain for a craft brewery. – Big Al was a brewery in Washington State. Looks like it shut down back in early 2017 after a 9 year run. – Olympia was also a brewery in Washington State. The Olympia brewery was shut down in 2003 after a 107 year run. Olympia was purchased by Heileman, then Stroh, then Pabst in 1999. Do not buy this domain! It’s trademarked by Pabst; this is their domain. This domain was never registered or used by Pabst. I’m using it as an example of what not to do with your domain. Do whatever you can to get an exact match domain without suffixes. The suffix “co” at the end is redundant. is killer/fantastic, is acceptable, screams last resort. tells me you just threw something together and don’t care about branding your company. Or, you’re infringing upon the rights of someone else’s property – which is the case with whoever registered this domain. – I like this for a beverage wholesaler. It’s what we want the customers to do. – If you own a trucking firm in Texas, this needs to be the name of your company. – Motorheads Brewing Company. Now I like the sound of that. – Could Founders Brewing market this domain? Make Every Day Founders Day. Nice. – Short and memorable. Snow Beer is #1 in China. SABMiller had a stake in the company; I think they sold it to Heineken earlier this year. Are they still selling Snow Beer in the US? – Well, at least your customers would know what you have. – Great call to action domain for promotional products and imprinting companies. – This is where you stash your brands for safe keeping. – Nice domain for a club. The “the” in a domain name works for a place of business if it’s used as the actual name. is better, though. – Another great domain for a bar. – Cannabis name here.

I hope Old Joe gives you a little motivation before you hit the streets selling this morning. Remember you are the beer expert. You have the experience! Go out there, make those sales and get paid!

See you tomorrow,

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