The Brewery Rep and the Beer Distributor; Daily Beer Distro for Tuesday October 30, 2018

A few years ago a corporate vice president working for a large brewery in the Northern US was on vacation and driving through a small town in the South. He came upon a scenic little village in the hills with lots of places to hunt and fish, a very relaxing place to visit.

The brewery rep stopped at a local restaurant to get some food and drink. While the rep was eating, the local beer distributor came into the restaurant to make a delivery. The rep saw him and motioned the distributor over to where he was sitting.

The brewery rep complimented the beer distributor on the outstanding sales execution and distribution that he had witnessed his short time in the village and asked the distributor how many different brands he serviced in the market.

The distributor responded that he had only one supplier.

The brewery rep then asked, “Well, how many accounts do you service and how big is your territory?”

The beer distributor replied, “Not too many, about 70 accounts all within about 30 minutes of my warehouse, I only have one county. We start working early in the morning and finish early in the afternoon.”

The brewery rep then asked why the distributor didn’t bring on more brands or purchase a neighboring territory, adding more routes to his business.

The beer distributor said he had enough to support his family’s immediate needs and was happy with that.

The brewery rep then asked, “But what do you do with the rest of your time?”

The beer distributor said, “I hunt and fish any day of the week, play golf with my customers, coach my kid’s baseball team, take afternoon naps with my wife, walk to the bars and restaurants in town and drink beer with my friends. I have a full and busy life that I enjoy very much.”

The brewery rep rolled his eyes and said, “Look, I’m an MBA and can help you out big time here. Here’s what you should do. First, bring on more brands. You’ll make more money, and with that, you can buy bigger trucks.”

Then you can sell more beer and build an expansion on to your existing warehouse. If you work hard and do exactly what we say, then you can purchase more territory from the neighboring distributor in the town next to you. Then you keep adding more and more brands until you control your market.

Then you start buying the wholesalers in the larger towns around you and start consolidating all the beer brands in your new, larger footprint. Finally, you add new types of products to your routes – wine, cider, energy drinks, soft drinks, chips, cookies, you name it, put it all on the trucks!”

Think of all the money you can make! And then once you’re selling over a million cases, you could leave this little town and move to the city. From there you could run the whole thing by phone and computer.”

The beer distributor thinks this over for a minute and then asks, “Interesting. How long will this take?”

The brewery rep thought for a little bit, took out his calculator and punched in some numbers, and then announced “I think you do this in only 15-20 years.

But what then?” asked the beer distributor.

The brewery rep laughed and said, “Here’s the beauty of the whole thing. When the time is right you sell your company to a distributor that we choose and become very rich. You could make millions!”

The beer distributor thought it over for a little longer, staring out into the hills and woods bordering his hometown, thinking about what millions would buy. He asked, “Okay, millions. Then what?”

The brewery rep said, “This is the best part – you get to retire. Move to a small town where you can fish and hunt any day of the week, play golf, take a nap with your wife, stroll in to town in the evenings and drink beer with your friends.”

The Brewery Rep and the Beer Distributor

I hope you enjoyed the story about the brewery rep and the beer distributor. The idea comes from “Anekdote zur Senkung der Arbeitsmoral” (“Anecdote Concerning the Lowering of Productivity”) a short story published by Herman Böll in 1963.

Expiring Beer, Wine, Spirits Industry Domain Names for October 30, 2018

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Beer Distro Domain of the Day: – Great domain for email. It says exactly what you do. I’m going to grab it if no one else does. – I like this domain for an advertising campaign. A beer for any reason. – Another marketing campaign. Perfect domain to tell folks about the craft beer industry. – The Oregon Wine Growers Association is an advocate for the health, growth and economic sustainability of Oregon’s wine grape growing and wine production community. They currently operate off the .org. Would be smart to get the .com, too. – A ledger for beer. A great place to showcase your comments on beer. – I’m always finding trademark issues on expiring domains. Don’t get this domain unless you are Modelo, Constellation or a wholesale partner. – Nice brandable domain. Good for a brand or a product. 2001 birthday, Google likes domains with a little history. – Anybody out there use Fintech? This is a huge name. – Anybody see the cease and desist order that AB sent to Modist by town crier? Pretty cool viral stunt. Yes, a town crier is a thing. – Translates to “the girl” in spanish. This is a fantastic domain name for branding purposes. Growing segment of the population. Short, meaningful and hip. – This is a surname and it sure sounds like a brand of wine I’ve had before? Maybe? – This is an actual taproom at the Bedell Winery in New York. Would be a nice domain for them to own. – Many businesses are named after geographic directions. I love these types of company names for beer distributors. The name tells everyone where your focus is. This is the perfect domain name for a company named Central Kentucky Beer Distributing or any kind of NE Kentucky company, for that matter. Two-words tops, because is just too much. – Same here. Great domain name for a beer distributor. – Great marketing campaign for limited edition spirits or wines from famous people. – This domain tells everyone exactly what you do. Perfect for a distillery in Canada, or the association of Canadian distillers. I’m sure they have one of those. – Catchy, little brandable. It’s short, cute and fun to say. Perfect for a new brand. – This is a word. It means to bear fruit or become productive. Great brand name potential. – I’m thinking about beveled glass bottles here. It’s definitely a word. Maybe a good domain for a glass supplier in our industry. – It’s a place. Places make for great brand domains. I like the “love” feeling of the name. – You make it a point to do this in the beer business every year.

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See you tomorrow,

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