Welcome to Beer Distro!

Since this is my first day on the job, I’ll discuss in detail some things you can expect here. I know my niche and the direction I want to take, I’ve just got to get my writing style down, schedule in order and work on the organization of the site. Beer Distro will definitely be a work in process.

I’m still polishing up the front end and working on presentation for the posts. I’m going with a newspaper-type, minimalist look so everything’s right at your fingertips and easy to find and read.

The site is optimized for speed and will not have any obtrusive ads to slow things up. Everyday of the year, you will get fresh content. And, I’ll include my daily list of aftermarket and expiring beer domain names for the beer industry plus comments at the bottom of each post.

The Plan for Beer Distro Going Forward

My plan for BeerDistro.com is unconventional, at least when compared to other beer industry publications. Yes, it’s research, analysis and strategy for beer industry professionals. However, I’m not going to focus as much on the kind of news reporting and press releases you’re probably used to.

For current events, you’ll get my take on only the most important announcements. An article about distribution of a hazy IPA, spiked tea or seltzer in a new state, nope. Home brewing and bitching about the three-tier system, not that either. The shuffle of corporate brewery executives, no way.

On the other hand, you’ll see a lot of creative beer industry research to advance your digital strategy. If you’re looking for discussion about alcohol beverage industry consolidation, trademarks, new products, labels, wholesalers and branding, I’ll have quite a lot. Guidance on internet marketing, domain names, social media metrics and digital presence, a whole bunch of this! Everything with a focus on beer, with a little wine, spirits and cannabis thrown in for good measure.

I’m here to help beer distributors and breweries make an impact on their local web presence, helping them drive local sales organically. I believe that’s where the industry is headed. In the old days, we used mass marketing and on premise to drive trial of new products. We’d offer specials in the bars, throw billboards on every street and blast the airwaves, hoping it would lead to distribution off premise. I’ve seen millions of dollars wasted on some terrible products.

Fast forward to today, consumers discover new beers online, they have all the information at their fingertips. The love original, handcrafted products and they want to be told a story. They make up their mind about what they want to try in advance. They demand to know when and where they can buy the newest beer offerings. To capture sales, you’ve got tell them you have it and lead them to it! The business is coming back local, but you’ve got to know what to handle, keep it in stock and get it on the shelf.

Some Topics I’ll Cover Regularly

Here’s what you’ll find at BeerDistro.com:

  • The most up to date and current beer industry topics explored every day of the week. These include new trademarks and labels; domain portfolios of the breweries, retailers, wholesalers and vendors; domain registrations by breweries, retailers, wholesalers and vendors; social media metrics; new wholesale permit applications; consolidation in the distribution tier; and all the players and products entering and exiting the industry. If we compile and measure what’s happening today we’ll be able to better predict what’s coming in the future.
  • Guidance for your digital presence. You’re going to see this everyday at BeerDistro.com. Doesn’t your warehouse have curb appeal? Aren’t your trucks rolling billboards? Don’t your employees wear nice uniforms and look professional? Then why is your website completely unprofessional? It’s where people find you and you control the message! Do not rely on Facebook as the only means to relay your message. The beer business has changed. Everything is local now. Think Amazon. Think Google. First, you get them to your website. Next, tell them you have the product and then show them where they can buy it. Get the very best, short domain name you can afford, build a professional website and develop original content everyday. Get your money’s worth out of the graphic artist you hired. And, use Facebook and Twitter as a complement to your website! Never, ever send someone away from your website to a social media site, use social media to bring them to your website! I am here to help, this is very important if you want to survive and thrive.
  • Databases and maps of beer wholesalers organized by state. This is ambitious, so it will take time. My plan is to harvest the data from distributor websites, distributor input, industry publications and good, old detective work. What you’ll get is the name, city, network, territory, some account information, web address and size of the Red, Blue and Gold aligned houses. As far as craft-only distributors, I’ll add them as I find them. Once completed the database will be a fantastic tool for researching distributors.
  • Analysis of all the issues facing beer wholesalers and breweries. Each day I’ll talk candidly about the beer, wine and spirits industries, new technology, service issues, training and development, consolidation, products, categories, succession planning, marketing, branding, the future – especially cannabis distribution, and much, much more.
  • A whole bunch of stories from a lifetime in beer. I learned every part of the business working at a small, family owned beer wholesaler. Yes, I still have my CDL. Yes, I still dream about running routes, going to the warehouse at night and rolling beer, well, maybe these are more like nightmares now that I think about them. Yes, I worked my ass off and it completely wore me out. Yes, I still think about it everyday. Yes, I still read everything I can get about the beer industry. I love the stories. I love the history. I feel very fortunate to have been born into the beer business. I wouldn’t trade the experiences I had for anything. But, I also know that I wouldn’t be alive right now if I was still a distributor, no way. I took the business way too personal. I’ll dive in to that a little later, too.
  • Fact finding and input directly from the people on the street. Feel free to send me any comments or questions about today’s climate in the beer industry. Let me know your concerns or complaints. Let me know if there’s anything I can research for you and present it here. And, don’t worry everything between us is completely confidential. Let me know what’s bugging you. Believe me, I’ve seen and heard it all and can definitely lend an ear and advice.

One more thing. I chose the name BeerDistro.com because it’s short and memorable. Distro is the shortened form of distribution and tech related. It’s perfect for what I’m building, so I hope you like the name as much as I do!

See you tomorrow!

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